Sunday, January 18, 2009

What has happened .......

We have been having such wonderful weather, dare I say it has actually been too hot some days!
I feel a little guilty saying that..just a little. lol As when I spoke to my parents in the UK, they are having an all time low of -12, I don't ever remember it getting that cold in the 28years I lived there. The weather seems to be at extremes.
Our rabbits have been enjoying the sun, they love their run. They are such time wasters as they are fun to watch. I've heard it is a great honour to be licked by a rabbit, it means they trust you. Emily the white Netherland dwarf has licked me a couple of times now. She is so cute!
But what has happened to the weather tonight? Rain!!, well I hope it is dry again by morning. lol
What is happening in the scrapbook world too? I hear Simple scrapbooks are coming to an end but they will now go back to being included in CK magazine.
Fiskars are going to stop selling consumables like paper & rub on etc & concentrate on tools again. They do make awesome tools but I was enjoying Heidi Grace & Cloud9. But I guess with the current downturn in the economy some things have to go.


  1. Cute photo of the bunnies. Yes, I agree, it has been too hot lately - can't wait for the weather to turn! I know I'm in the minority there - lol!!
    Janine :-)

  2. Hey Erica How are you??I just saw that you commented on Sharlene M's blog about her pregnancy. Cool news eh?? How do you know Sharlene??? She is in my SU team. It is going well for me and I am enjoying using the product.Pop over and see me on my blogs
    Liz xxx ps. long time no see!!??